End of Arm Tooling

SoftGripper for your EoAT!

SoftGripping Connector for 20 mm Profile

Use the SoftGripper for your End of Arm Tooling in combination with vacuum suction cups or conventional grippers.
Special connectors allow easy installation of the fingers and angle adapters. This connector fits to common 20 mm profiles.
Do you use other tooling system?
Contact us! We deliver the right connector for your application.

Finger Material
Operating Pressure
-0.5 to 1.0 bar
Grip Force per Finger
3.5 N
> 1 Mio. Cycles @1.0 bar, 0.5 Hz
Feed size 55 mm - 140 mm
Weight <400 g


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The SoftGripping EoAT Construction Kit


Connection to the aluminium profile

Fast assembly

It takes Minutes to assemble a complete EoAT-Setup!

Simply insert the slot nut into the t-slot and lock the EoAT-Connector by a M4 screw. Every EoAT-Connector has its own connection to the pressure control system, so they can be operated in separate groups.

EoAT-Connector has a standardized bayonet mount and can be used with a finger alone, or in combination with an angle adapter.

You can use such EoAT setups for handling large objects, multiple objects or even foods! Our fingers are made from FDA approved materials and are therefore suitable for food contact even without packaging.

Check out the demonstrations below or visit the Webshop!

Basic Kit - 4 Fingers Expanded Kit - 8 Fingers

SoftGripping in action