SoftGripper End of Arm Tooling


SoftGripper EoAT

Bundle for 4 Fingers
Product Code: SG.BE.4F.01

Finger Material
Operating Pressure
-0.5 to 1.0 bar
Grip Force per Finger
3.5 N
> 1 Mio. Cycles @1.0 bar, 0.5 Hz
Total Length
200 mm
Total Width
85 mm
Total Height
140.65 mm
500 g
Feed size 15 mm - 115 mm
Weight <400 g
Code Part Amount
SG.F60S SoftGripper Finger 4
SG.C.PR.20 EoAT Adapter 4
SG.P.BP.01 20 mm Aluminium profile, L=200mm 2
SG.P.BP.02 20 mm Aluminium profile, L=85mm 2
SG.KT.B00001 Aluminium profile cover cap 20x20-6 8
SG.KT.B00002 Aluminium profile bracket 20x20 4
SG.KT.B00003 Aluminium profile cup 20x20 4
SG.KT.B00004 Aluminium profile hammer nut 6 mm M4 8
SG.KT.B00010 Cylinder head screw DIN 7984 M6x20 A2 4


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Basic Kit - 4 Fingers

For a broad range of applications

A new Bundle to experiment with EoAT-Setups!

Configure your own gripper with this EoAT basic kit. It includes all components to assemble a gripping system with up to 4 fingers. You can adjust the distance and angle of the fingers flexibly for a broad range of products and comfortably to your current task.

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SoftGripping in action