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Assembling A New SoftGripper Within Minutes!

by Stephan | 04.11.2019

Sometimes you just want to test an new idea. With SoftGripping you can create a new configuration within minutes! See it yourself.
In this video you are guided through every step of the gripper construction. The whole assembly is done in under 5 minutes.

With the construction kit you can test multiple configurations.

Construction Kit

Bayonet Lock Is The Secret Source!

by Sergey | 10.10.2019

You can assemble the fingers with the gripper base without any tools thanks to the bayonet lock. This video shows you how to connect and disconnect the fingers.

Customize Your SoftGripper With The Angle Adapter!

by Stephan | 03.9.2019

To adapt the SoftGripper to the size of your gripping object, you can use the angle adapters. This video shows how you can easily assemble the adapters.