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Our Authorized Distributor in Spain: BFMtec

by Christopher | 29.04.2020

We are proud to announce our authorized distributor in Spain!
Check out BFMtec for a first hand experience of excellence in automation solutions specialized in robot accessories, high-precision positioning systems and special machines for glass laser processes.

Visit BFMtec

New arrivals: Control Box and EoAT-Bundle

by Sergey | 22.03.2020

We have some new arrivals to announce.
First, the Control Box to operate SoftGrippers and Suction Cups, so if you do not have your own pneumatic controller, you can use it to operate your setup.
Furthermore, we received some questions towards accessories:
A lot of people like the idea of EoAT. So far, we provided the connector, adapters and fingers separately. Now, we are looking forward to supply you with full packages to start your project right away. So far, we have created the first Basic Bundle for four SoftGripper fingers and for a wide range of objects to grip. We hope it provides you with everything you need. On top, we are working for further bundles in all areas.

Control Box EoAT Bundle

Now Ready: Our New Online Shop!

by Alexey | 04.02.2020

Our online-shop is now ready! We have prepared two series of grippers to choose from as well as a series of parts to choose from.

Be prepared for new combos: You liked our Construction Kit?
A new bundle for EoAT development will be available soon!

Check it out our new shop and do not forget to become a partner for special bonuses!

To the Shop!

Coming Soon: Our New Online Shop!

by Alexey | 14.01.2020

Surely you have noticed that we are eager to help and find a solution for your automation task. On the other hand, we have noticed that some of our customers are craving a fast and easy method to compose the grippers they need and order them online in a simple way.
Same applies the modding community. We noticed that some of you would rather try a new angle without writing a couple of emails first.

We heard you: Our new online shop is currently under construction for a better ordering an replenishing experience. Stay tuned for the shop button to appear!

Assembling A New SoftGripper Within Minutes!

by Stephan | 04.11.2019

Sometimes you just want to test a new idea. With SoftGripping you can create a new configuration within minutes! See it yourself.
In this video you are guided through every step of the gripper construction. The whole assembly is done in under 5 minutes.

With the construction kit you can test multiple configurations.

Construction Kit

Bayonet Lock Is The Secret Source!

by Sergey | 10.10.2019

You can assemble the fingers with the gripper base without any tools thanks to the bayonet lock. This video shows you how to connect and disconnect the fingers.

Customize Your SoftGripper With The Angle Adapter!

by Stephan | 03.9.2019

To adapt the SoftGripper to the size of your gripping object, you can use the angle adapters. This video shows how you can easily assemble the adapters.