The Modular Design System for Flexible Gripping


Build your own individual gripper or multi actuator system with SoftGripping.
The pneumatically powered elastic gripper allow easy, robust and very light designs.
Soft and adaptive surfaces are ideal for fault-tolerant handling and a safe collaboration with humans.
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All components are modular and are therefore interchangeable.
The gripping fingers can be replaced in seconds without any tools.

Diverse applications


Logistic gripper have to handle various products in changing conditions securely. Therefore, the ideal gripper is universal, robust, simple and fault-tolerant. With SoftGripping you can easily build your own appropriate gripping system. The soft and adaptive surfaces enable a secure und careful grip even with positioning inaccuracies.


Special silicones and the plain design without any joints and lubricants allow an hygienic handling of food. The cleaning is quite simple. Sensitive objects can be handled gently because of the flexible structure.

Collaborative Robotics

Build your your own multi actor or gripping system playfully with SoftGripping - for example to assemble, manipulate or grip your objects. The soft structure ensure a safe interactions with humans. This is ideal for man-machine applications as the service robotic and agile automation.

Universal Gripping

Pneumatic gripper design for multishaped plastic objects

Careful Handling

SoftGripper design for food, e.g. raspberries

Safe Collaboration

Pneumatic gripper system for machine human interaction

Modular Design

Modular grippers for food reposition

Easy Automation

EOAT handling of large objects

Hygienic Food Handling

Vegetables, e.g. tomatoes in a SoftGripper

Hygienic Food Handling

SoftGripper robot handles tomatoes

SoftGripping in action