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Handling products with SoftGrippers

Here we present examples we created with customers and partners with detailed photo and video material for you to browse and find inspiration for your project. 

Custom solutions and Guides

Some solution may be build with standard gripper parts, but some are custom made for the customer’s application. How do choose a gripper from standard parts and when is a custom solution in order? Well, take a look at our guides on standard and special solutions to find the gripper you need.

picking cookies from a baking tray using a cobot

Customization Guide

How to order a SoftGripper? From the part that you need to handle to a full body gripper, you need to look into this easy guide to know what gripper base to order and how to get a gripper from the basic design to a part number.

soft gripper holding on a large cabbage packed in plastic foil

Customize your gripper

Find out how to customize a robot gripper to your needs using standard softgripping kits and how to get a custom solution together with our automation engineers.

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