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The grippers for high-speed and cobot applications

Elements Of A SoftGripper And It’s Addons

SoftGripper Elements

SoftGrippers are modular. They are made up of multiple elements like: Flange adapter, base, fingers and optionally spacer and suction cup.

Flange and Base

A flange adapter is needed to mount the gripper to the robot. Adapters are available for any robot on the market.

The shape of the gripping object determines the base, which is an essential part of the gripper. A circular object needs a centric base, a cubic or long object a parallel one. 


We offer different types of bases with various number of fingers and different angles. Thats fits for the most objects. For special applications, we´ll gladly design a completely individual base for your task in shortest time. The angle of the fingers and the size of the base can be specially tailored to your requirements.


Optionally, our SoftGripping bases are designed according hygienic requirements and can be delivered with a FDA-approved coating.


The core of our grippers are the fingers. They adapt to the shape of any object without damaging the surface. The main advantages are the low weight, the speed and the capability to work with all kinds of food. Our pneumatically driven fingers are made of FDA-approved silicon rubber. We guarantee a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles at 1 bar pressure.

Spacers and Suction cups

Suction cups can be used to support the fingers. This is especially useful for bin picking, or when you need additional stabilization of the object. An extention can be used to support the suction cup.
For additional precision and to prevent the goods from sliding up, spacers can be used instead of the suction cup. Or you can use the mount for other tools.

Explosion view of a SoftGripper
Suction cup

A SoftGripper For Any Robotic Application

A SoftGripper Is The Best Pick For Any Object And Every Robot

SoftGripping fingers are universal and can be used with any object shape. Primary, SoftGrippers are used in any task involving pick&place using:

The inherintly superior hygienic design makes cleaning especially easy. For special applications, like handling raw or prepared meats, fish or bakery products, SoftGripper bases are available in special FDA certified coating. This way, cleaning the gripper in a machine or by applying cleaning solutions.

handling peppers, reddishes and cucumbers using a soft robotic gripper

Using A SoftGripper For High-Speed Applications

Automating high speed applications requires a specialized robot gripper. It needs to be lightweight, fast and reliable. In that case reliable grippers are not those that are extra precise, but the ones that can get a good and safe grip on an object, even if it is irregularly shaped, packaged, bagged or slippery.

Of course, high-speed handling of foods and goods requires specialized pneumatics. Do not hesitate to contact our engineers to find out what to concider in high-speed pick and place applications. Or take our Controlbox. By using appropriately sized pneumatic valves, the system is suitable for the fastest delta robots on the market. With our control box, the fingers can be closed at high speed for a safe grip. But also be opened completely by creating negative pressure. This helps to grip especially large objects. In addition, there is another separate connector for suction Cups.

Using a SoftGripper for Cobot applications

Do you see anything dangerous about our grippers? No? Right! There is nothing! Cobots works in slow speed and slow acceleration with a low load capacity. They are safe while working with humans. But what is with the thing after the tool flange of your Cobot? Our SoftGrippers are the safest work tools you can imagine.


The grippers can be controlled by using your own pneumatic setup or you choose our Controlbox. The integration of our controlbox is easy with any robot. For Universal Robots, we provide an additional UR cap for simple and fast installation.

If you have no compressed air available, we offer a Controlbox with an integrated pump for Cobot Applications.

Grippers for different handling tasks

Why using a softGripper In Every application?

Our Fingers Adapt To Your Objects

Most of the time, objects have a defined shape. Most of the time, but not every time! Consider the bag of buns handled by a SoftGripper in the picture. As you can see, it does not have an exact geometrical shape because the buns can shift inside the package or have different shapes and sizes. The fingers can adapt to the package around, allowing SoftGripping to grip every shape. The adaptive and flexible SoftGripping fingers perform their task regardless of varying shape and weight distribution.

Bunbag in a soft gripper operated by a fruitcore horst robot

Optionally: Hygienic Design and Hygienic Materials

Specialized Material And Shapes For Safe Food Contact

Not only FDA approved materials, but hygienic design are top priority for safe product handling. FDA approved materials are those that are safe to be used in food product handling and direct food contact. The SoftGripping Fingers are always made of FDA approved Silicon , the bases can be optionally made of FDA approved material. Hygienic design on the other hand makes sure that no small pieces of food or dust get stuck in cavities creating unhygienic areas that are hard to clean. Sloped surfaces, special design and bolts make sure that no unhygienic areas are formed. On top, the hygienic design makes sure that the gripper can be spray cleaned with standard cleaning solutions as part of the regular cleaning of the whole robotic setup.


There are special hygienic requirements for different foods. SoftGripping Hygienic Gripper beats them. All parts are connected by hygienic screws and can be easily unmounted for cleaning. Our special connection of the silicon rubber fingers to the base are designed for highly hygienic requirements. Every part can be cleaned with most fierce cleaning agents. To keep the pneumatics hygienic, the supply to the fingers is established via push-in-fitting inputs from the flange through the base.

centric and parallel grippers on delta robot


We have encountered applications from food packaging to picking scrape metal from automobile parts and our scope of application only broadens. Therefore, we are confident in our ability to find the best solution to your gripping problem.


Please feel free to get in touch via email or call so we can help you to find the right tool! 

Hygienic Grippers

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