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Why the complicated approach of bringing the latest case studies and developments in the industry instead of a simple update of the catalog? – Well, first of all: you can always find the catalog on our site!

At SoftGripping, we welcome new developments and are eager to pick up and test use cases and challenges from your facilities. 

We’ve found that although our technology seems easy to grasp, exact applications that are perfect for our grippers are often only explored through a deeper dive into what is and isn’t possible. 

So before you subscribe to our updates, take a look at some of the examples we’ve covered in previous applications, white papers, and other interesting content!

On this page, we highlight some of the most interesting studies we’ve done, and encourage you to contact us and our engineers to take a closer look at your project as well:

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In one of our last posts, we took a closer look at bakeries and how to enable all bakeries to do more. Starting with large bakeries and ending with small and medium enterprises. These were the main topics to discuss:

Custom Gripper development

Handling food is very diverse. So much so that sometimes a customized gripper is needed to get the job done. In this report, we focus on how we work with our customers to deliver a customized gripper. 

What can be changed on a gripper? Let’s go from simple to difficult:

In this white paper, we present a customized gripper that handles bulky products such as lettuce or bagged salad. All while maintaining a hygienic design! 

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As you can see, our updates are valuable, and by contributing your special interests, you can influence our decision making! Finally, new topics are decided based on the requests we receive. 



We look forward to getting in touch with you! Let’s have a short conversation and find out how you can automate your application. Our engineers will validate your application and provide you with test material in the form of videos, images and whitepapers:

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