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Educational SoftGripper

Versitale and easy to use - Educational SoftGrippers

From simple tasks to AI projects

A gripper must be versitale and easy to use! You don’t want to struggle finding THE perfect gripper. But why? Fingers that adjust to the object you need to handle is what you need for educational applications! Not high-speed handling, but affordable components and those that are easy to get started with. Two and three fingers are perfect for educational tasks and handle all kind of items well.

Get our educational SoftGripper for a quick start and fun experience in automation:

If you need pneumatic accessories like compressors or valves, please contact us and we will deliver the right ones for your needs.

Two and three jaw dobot gripper

Dobot Magician SoftGripper

We partnered up with Dobot!

Looking to get a Dobot desktop robot? Our gripper can be used with the standard Dobot pneumatic controller! No need for additional equipment, Out of the box perfect automation experience.

We have prepared a special page showing all examples and items that can be easily handled, check it out now:

Educational Kit

One case to fit them all

You are working with cobots? Maybe some object recognition application? You don’t want to deal with technicalities of the broad field of gripping? The Eduational Kit is the choice!

Our Educational Kit at one glance:

This kit has all standard ISO flanges required for a quick installation on your robot. If you have a non ISO adapter, please give us a quick call before ordering.

img 7911 1

Extended Kits

One case to fit them all

You are looking into handling a lot of different objects, foods and produce? The construction and engineering kits might be best for your use case. Please contact our engineers to find out what kit you need. While high-speed produce handling requires a high speed box, a mobile application can work as well with an integrated pump. 


Check out our kits to find out more about grippers and pneumatics:

Maybe a short look into our main catalogue might help here as well:

case contruction kit


We have encountered applications from food packaging to picking scrape metal from automobile parts and our scope of application only broadens. Therefore, we are confident in our ability to find the best solution to your gripping problem.


Please feel free to get in touch via email or phone so we can help you to find the right tool! 


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