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Customize your Gripper

Customize your own softGripper

You have a very special solution in mind? Check out the custom solutions we provide on a daily basis! Even the hardest gripping challange can be a breeze with the right gripper base and gripping tool arrangement. Provide us with your requirements and we will provide you with the perfect custom solution! 

Step 1

Our SoftGripper solutions are very versitile and are capable to solve a large variety of gripping challenges.

Take a look in our shop for our standard and more affordable grippers.

You want to test different configurations and gripper types? May be our Constructoin Kit is right for you.

Step 2

If you have a more challenging task that cannot be solved with standard grippers, we offer SoftActuators that can be mounted on customizable steel plates. 

These technology provides easy and cost competitive way to grip non-hygienic applications.  

With a steel plates the gripper can be adjusted as you go. With our Engineering Kit you will get all the right tools right out of the box!

Step 3

If you need a customized gripper for hygienic applications you can adjust the standard gripper. If you need help, please contact us

Step 4

If you have a really special appication please contact us.

Here is an example of a SoftGripper we designed, produced and tested for our customer.

The challenge: Big, but not heavy gentle object.

customer specific salad gripper for delta robots
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