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High-speed application handling corn and other long vegetables

Handling Corn with a high speed delta robot. A test study for our american partners. Starting from corn packaging we used the gripper for other applications as well.


We modeled a SoftGripper to be used in Corn handling and handling long foodstuff. The idea is to have fingers along the product to grip it in place and for the fingers to have full control over the direction of the corn, even at high speed. This enables for precise placing. The example is linked to a series of objects we tested out using this gripper, especially foods like vegetables. This is a video of the SoftGripper in action.

SoftGripper: Corn, long peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, courgette, radish and beans are perfect objects. But even for bakeries applications like handling croissants are possible. In handling protein we look at bigger pieces of meat and chicken drumsticks to be handled. We also have a gripper for handling certain crops like beans, peas and corn. This is based on the same concept of using the SoftGripper as a template to the shape and lenght of the objects at hand. The fingers giving an extra control over these products.

The SoftGripper can be used for different applications. For example if you want to pick up small items or foodstuffs from a conveyor belt where there are no handles available for gripping such as breads, croissants or rolls, then the SoftGripper could be used instead of hands in order to achieve this goal with accuracy and speed.
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