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Mixed Salad

Handling loose mixes salad can be easy using a soft gripper that wraps around it! So check out this application and our big whitepaper review on handling a lot of different salads!


Can a gripper handle loose salad leafs?

Usually, this would be a really complicated application of a standard gripper, but look how a soft gripper pick up a bunch of salad to put it on a scale. We used a six finger one and it worked out fine! So here are the key points of this application:

Check out the gripper in our online shop and the catalog we have prepared:

There is more to learn about this application, especially about how it is used in general vegetable processing and farming.

More than just one salad

A while ago we did a bigger project including a custom SoftGripper for picking up all kinds of bulky salads, lettuce, packed salad leafs and more. We used the standard fingers, but the base was custom manufactured to fit vegetables but at the same time to be FDA approved and washable. Check out the full story and whitepaper:


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